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2018 Summer Internships

Get outside this summer and intern with us!

Squiggling and Squirming our way through Spring

Vernal pools are alive with frog tadpoles, salamander larvae, crustaceans, and insects! Follow along in the latest Notes from the Field....

Wildlife Baby Season

if you care, leave them there...

Bushwhacking 101

Find out what happens in a day in the life of a preserve monitor.

Preserve Experiences

We asked you to share your favorite experiences at our preserves. This is what you told us!

New England cottontails Need Land Conservation

Find out how this Citizen Science volunteer used here creativity to raise awareness about the importance of land conservation.

Steep Rock Association, Inc.

Welcome to the official website of Steep Rock Association, Inc., a land trust, protecting land in Washington, Connecticut, and surrounding communities since 1925. Please scroll down for more information.