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Download Vista Winter 2018

  • Salamanders… and Ticks?
  • In The Arena – A Message from Lori Paradis Brant
  • The Beauty of Boardwalks
  • Spotlight on Volunteers: Trail Monitors
  • News & Notices
  • Nature Speaks

Download FY17 Gratitude Report

Download Vista Summer 2017 Newsletter Here (PDF)

  • National Recognition Earned
  • In the Arena: A Generous Spirit (Estelle Bronson)
  • Notes from the Field
  • Donor Spotlight – Elliot Johnson
  • Farm Life- Agronomy Through the Ages
  • Volunteer Spotlight – Nest Watchers
  • News & Notices
  • From the Garden

Download Vista Spring 2016 Newsletter Here (PDF)

  • The Valley Station Bridge, The Van Ingen Family and Holiday House
  • From the Executive Director
  • Notes From the Field
  • In the Spotlight – Meet the Team
  • Explorations in Nature
  • Giving Local
  • Tour the Bridges of Yesterday
  • In the Garden
  • Under the Stars and by the Campfire
  • Landtrust Application Accreditation

Download Vista Summer 2015 Newsletter Here (PDF)

  • Teeming With Life
  • From the Executive Director The New Steep Rock Vision
  • Season of Change
  • Students Take the Lead in Judea Garden
  • Explorations In Nature
  • The Reich Bridge Reopens
  • The Van Sinderen Family and Hidden Valley
  • Land Trusts of NW Connecticut Present
  • Give Local Campaign A $uccess

Download Vista Winter 2015 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Year of the Bridges
      • From the Executive Director “Return on Your Steep Rock Investment
      • New Board Leadership
      • Judea Garden — Growing Goodness
      • Exploration in Nature
      • Managing for Biodiversity
      • How Sweet It is
      • A Conservation Legacy

Download Vista Winter 2014 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Unique Partnership Yields Land Preservation
      • From the Executive Director “Keeping You Informed
      • New Faces at Steep Rock
      • More Land Protected in Nettleton Hollow Area
      • Planning for the Future
      • Explorations in Nature
      • Shepaug River Hiking Routes Interrupted
      • Railroad Tunnel Gets Facelift
      • Sprucing Up Our Trails
      • More Bang for Your Buck
      • A Lasting Gift

Download Vista Summer 2013 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • New Trail Maps Available
      • From the Executive Director “Respecting the Rules
      • Explorations in Nature
      • Leash Your Dog
      • Save the Date

Download Vista Winter 2013 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Conservation Leaders Remembered
      • From the Executive Director “Reflections”
      • Explorations in Nature
      • Fiscal Year 2012 Donors
      • Help Improve Trail Safety
      • Show Your Support In FY2013

Download Vista Summer 2012 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • “Learning in Nature”
      • Explorations in Nature
      • Goshawks Return
      • Help Us Reach Our Goal
      • Save The Date
      • Changing of the Guard
      • Volunteers Wanted

Download Vista Winter 2012 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Land Preservation Accomplishments
      • Donor Dollars-Conservation At Work
      • October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011 Donor List
      • Conservation Easement Monitoring Enhancement

Download Vista Summer 2011 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Bronson Farmland Acquisition
      • Gould Family Foundation Donates Bridge
      • DOT Replacing Route 47 Bridge

Download Vista Spring 2010 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Dogs at Macricostas
      • Asian Longhorn Beetle
      • 2010 Land Trust Alliance Rally in Hartford
      • Spring means Goshawks

Download Vista Fall 2009 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • 350 Attend 2009 Picnic, River Celebration
      • Judea Garden at Macricostas Preserve
      • Landscape your yard for wildlife
      • Native Plant Propagation
      • Membership list
      • Saving the Shepaug River

Download Vista Spring 2009 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • How Do We Use Your 36er Dollars?
      • Please Become a Member of Steep Rock!
      • Spring Equals Goshawks
      • Shepaug River Update
      • Announcing Member Hikes
      • Taft Community Service Day
      • Two New Connector Trails in Steep Rock
      • Mark Your Calendars

Download Vista Fall 2008 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • New President & Chairman of the Board
      • Shepaug River Update
      • Eagle Scout Invasives Project
      • Purple Loosetrife
      • Northwest Corner Land Trusts
      • Members of the Steep Rock Association 2007-2008

Download Vista Fall 2007 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Board of Trustees Changes
      • Reed Canary Grass Threatens Macricostas Fields
      • Managing Small Habitats for Wildlife
      • Monarch Tagging Day at Macricostas Preserve
      • Clamshell’s Middle Field Restoration
      • Washington Horse Show 2007
      • Membership, Gifts, SR 36ers

Download Vista Spring 2007 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Stephen C. Reich Bridge Dedicated in Hidden Valley
      • Staff Changes
      • Butterfly Garden Added to Macricostas Preserve
      • Steep Rock Wins Connecticut Land Conservation Council Award
      • Conservation Tax Incentives End in 2007

Download Vista Fall 2006 Newsletter Here (PDF)

    • 2006 Bill Expanding Conservation Tax Incentives
    • Board of Trustees Changes
    • Salamanders in Love
    • Membership, Gifts, Reich Bridge Donors
    • Formation of CT Land Conservation Council

Download Vista Summer 2006 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Change at Macricostas Preserve’s Agricultural Field
      • Hidden Valley Stephen Reich Memorial Bridge Progress Report
      • Updates – White Pines Thinning
      • Updates – Shepaug River
      • New Logo
      • New Information On Steep Rock’s Website

Download Vista Spring 2006 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • 2005 an Outstanding Year for Preservation
      • FAQ: What is a Conservation Easement?
      • Steep Rock’s Web Site
      • Our Yearly Goshawk Reminder: They Will Attack
      • Washington Garden Club Plans Educational Trail at Macricostas Preserve
      • Signs: Are They Necessary?
      • Stewardship Report
      • Maps For Sale
      • Trails are Fragile, Especially in Spring

Download Vista Fall 2005 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Hidden Valley Bridge Lost to Heavy Rains on October Stephen Reich Memorial Fund Dedicated to Rebuilding Bridge
      • Vinnie Forese Retires in December 2005
      • Hidden Valley White Pine Plantation Timber Harvest Planned
      • Members of the Steep Rock Association (Fiscal Year 2004 – 2005)
      • New Trustees Elected
      • Annual Membership Drive Begins
      • Macricostas Maps Ready
      • Taft Girls Help Out – XCountry Team Tackles Invasive Honeysuckle

Download Vista Spring 2005 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Settlement in Shepaug River Litigation! The River Wins
      • Steep Rock Association: Washington’s Land Trust
      • Outlook Hopeful for Hemlock Recovery
      • Steep Rock and Hidden Valley – Rules and Regulations
      • Resident Goshawks Aggresive in Spring and Early Summer
      • Trails are Fragile, Especially in Spring

Download Vista Fall 2004 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Adam Woodruff’s Easgle Scout Project – Bridge at Macricostas Preserve Crosses Bee Brook
      • We’re Fighting the Invasives – Students and Volunteers Join the Battle
      • New Trustees Elected
      • Members of the Steep Rock Association (Fiscal Year 2003 – 2004)
      • Steep Rock Establishes Task Force to Preserve Farmland
      • The 225 Parade and Picnic
      • House at Macricostas Preserve Has Significant History
      • Steep Rock Tribute to George Murphy (Trustee 1974 – 1999)

Download Vista Fall 2003 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Trails Assistant’s Progress
      • Migratory Bird Stopover Habitat Survey
      • Macricostas (Meeker) Preserve Update
      • Members of the Steep Rock Association (Fiscal Year 2002 – 2003)
      • Giant Hogweed Update
      • Steep Rock Archive Planned
      • Trail Maps Nearing Completion
      • New Trustees Elected to Steep Rock Board
      • We Have A Web Site!
      • New Logo for Steep Rock
      • Another Great Picnic

Download Vista Fall 2002 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • New Trustees Elected to Steep Rock Board
      • A Wonderful Gift – Steep Rock Has Been Given A House!
      • This Issue’s FAQ: What’s All This About Invasives?
      • Members of the Steep Rock Association (Fiscal Year 2001 – 2002)
      • What A Picnic!

Download Vista Spring 2002 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Trustees Vote to Enact Leash Law
      • Illegal ATV’s Damage Trails, Endanger Hikers and Equestrians
      • This Issue’s FAQ: What About The Drought?
      • Macricostas Preserve Update – Barns Will Be Demolished
      • Macricostas Preserve Update – Boundaries are Posted
      • Macricostas Preserve Update – Potters, Deneaults Continue Farming
      • Macricostas Preserve Update – Yale Helps With Stewardship
      • Hemlocks Doing Well – Adelgid on Decline, Beetles Reproducing

Download Vista Summer 2001 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Meeker Swamp Dedicated as Macricostas Preserve
      • How Much Water In The Shepaug? Check The USGS Website
      • Local Farmers Lease Macricostas Preserve Agricultural Land
      • Trail Stewardship Continues
      • Four New Trustees Elected to Steep Rock Board
      • Michael C. Jackson – New Steep Rock President
      • Steep Rock Picnic – Saturday, September 8
      • Dog Problems . . . Again

Download Vista Spring 2001 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Presidents’ Trail Dedicated
      • Update – Shepaug River Lawsuit
      • Book Celebrates Steep Rock’s 75th Anniversary
      • Update – Meeker Swamp
      • 75th Anniversary Picnic
      • Reminders

Download Vista Summer 2000 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • 75th Birthday Party for Former Trustees
      • Steep Rock 75th Anniversary Picnic – Saturday, September 2, 2000
      • 5 New Trustees Elected
      • Year 3 for Ten Year Stewardship Program – Work Continues in Clam Shell
      • Year 3 for Ten Year Stewardship Program – Hidden Valley White Pines Next Stewardship Project
      • Year 3 for Ten Year Stewardship Program – Presidents’ Trail
      • FAQ: Why Does Meeker Swamp Matter?

Download Vista Spring 2000 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Happy 75th Birthday, Steep Rock!
      • Vistory for Shepaug River!! River Advocates Win Lawsuit Judge Orders More Water Released
      • The Washington Horse Show
      • Extravaganza! This Year’s Picnic on Labor Day Weekend
      • It’s Nearly Goshawk Season – Watch Out!
      • Photo Search
      • Mountain Bikes, Horses, and Camping Prohibited During Spring Thaw
      • Open Space Grant Award for Meeker Swamp Acquisition

Download Vista Summer 1999 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • George D. Ward – 1922 – 1999
      • 5 New Trustees Elected – Annual Trustee Meeting Held In May
      • “Friendly” Dogs Cause Problems – Complaints Increase – Signs Posted
      • Shepaug Students Spruce Up Steep Rock In Community Service Program
      • Drought Causes Steep Rock Closures – Extreme Fire Danger Exists – No Significant Rain In Sight
      • Steep Rock Picnic – Saturday, September 11, 1999

Download Vista Spring 1999 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Letter From The President
      • More Adelgid Found Beetles Are Reproducing
      • HV Bridge and Approach – Redesigned and Repaired
      • FAQ: What Is A Conservation Easement? (Reprinted From Vista, Spring 1995
      • Eagle Scout Project: Foot Bridge in Steep Rock
      • They’re Back! Goshwak Follow-Up
      • Closed: To Mountain Bikes and horses During Spring Thaw
      • Attorney General and DEP Commissioner Step in on Shepaug River Case

Download Vista Summer 1998 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Walter S. Logan Wetlands Given to Steep Rock
      • Three New Trustees Elected
      • WEC, Garden Club Forum
      • Washington Primary School Field Trips
      • Town Greenways Committee
      • Steep Rock’s Land Preservation Committee
      • Goshawk(s) Gone?
      • Steep Rock Picnic – Saturday, September 12, 1998
      • Trial Date Set In Shepaug River Battle – May 5, 1999

Download Vista Spring 1998 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Wooly Adelgid Identified In Steep Rock – McClure will Release Beetle to Save Hemlocks
      • Second Year For Spring Thaw Closing – Reservations Closed to Mountain Bikes and Horses
      • Goshawk Aggression Begins In Early Spring – Some Trails Will Close
      • Stewardship Plan Completed – Projects Underway
      • River Association Plans Events – First on Friday, March 13, at Washington Town Hall

Download Vista Summer 1997 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Shepaug River Update: Steep Rock, Washington, Roxbury Land Trust, Roxbury Vote To Join Litigation – Lawsuit Filed in Litchfield
      • Steep Rock Summer Intern
      • 4th of July 5K Race In Steep Rock for Second Year
      • Senior Project: Steep Rock Brochure
      • New Trustees
      • Washington Webolos Busy Helping Steep Rock
      • Waramaug Rock Protected by Easement Long Range Mission Taking Shape
      • New Booklet Available: Creating A Legacy For Future Generations Giving to Steep Rock
      • Picnic Date Set for September 6

Download Vista March 1997 (Special Edition) Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Reservations Closed to Mountain Bikes and Horses During Spring Thaw
      • Stewardship Program Begun
      • Restrictions on Mountain Bikes and Horses When Reservations Reopen

Download Vista Summer 1996 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • George Ward Retires from Presidency Elected Chairman of the Board
      • John Millington Elected President
      • Shepaug’s Sixth Grade Study Includes Steep Rock
      • Gunnery Work Day
      • 4th of July Run/Walk Road Race in Steep Rock
      • Summer Intern
      • Shepaug Senior Project
      • Three New Trustees Elected
      • Shepaug River . . . River Task Force Legislation Signed by Governor Rowland
      • Washington Horse Show
      • Steep Rock Picnic

Download Vista Spring 1995 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Land Exchange Benefits Everyone – A Win-Win Situation
      • Preservation Through Land Exchange
      • Annual Fund Drive
      • Steep Rock Picnic – September 9, 1995
      • Harwood Birdwalk Booklets For Sale
      • Washington Horse Show to Benefit Steep Rock
      • New Entry Signs and Bulletin Board
      • Steep Rock Elects Trustees
      • Facts For FAQ’s: What Is A Greenway?
      • Facts For FAQ’s: What Is A Conservation Easement?
      • Lookout For The Wooly Adelgid

Download Vista Summer 1994 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Carter Gives 160 Acre Preserve
      • Steep Rock Crossquiz
      • Gift Planning: A Living Legacy
      • Washington Horse Show – Sunday, August 7, 1994
      • Look For The Logo
      • Annual Picnic, September 10
      • New Trustees Elected

Download Vista Summer 1993 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Steep Rock Preserved
      • Mountain Bikes in Steep Rock
      • Shepaug River Flow
      • Trustee News
      • Fauna of Steep Rock
      • Reforestation Program
      • Horse Show – August 1
      • Annual Fund Drive
      • Annual Picnic – September 11
      • Steep Rock Rules and Information

Download Vista Summer 1992 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • How to Give Land to Steep Rock
      • Land Preservation Committee Announces Acquisitions
      • Preserve Monitoring Initiated
      • Steep Rock Elects New Trustees
      • Trail Blazes
      • Upcoming Events

Download Vista Summer 1991 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Hauser Footbridge Dedicated
      • Hemlock Scale Update
      • Steep Rock Riding Ring Tradition Continues
      • Michael Harwood Bird Walk – a Bird’s-eye View
      • Trail Blazes
      • Statement of Operating Fund – Revenue and Expenditures – 9/1/90 – 2/28/91
      • Steep Rock Flora and Fauna

Download Vista Summer 1990 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • To The Fond Memory of Michael Harwood 1934 – 1989
      • Miss Helen C. Schwarz Deeds Her House and Property To Steep Rock
      • Hemlock Scale Is Major Threat To Steep Rock’s Hemlock Forest
      • Five New Members Elected To The Steep Rock Board
      • New Footbridge Underway with Hauser Fund Gift
      • Susan Branson Appointed Executive Director
      • Two Summer Interns Hard At Work
      • Materne Land Gift Adds To Jones Birdwalk

Download Vista Winter 1989 Newsletter Here (PDF)

      • Housatonic Valley Association Assigns Land Easement To Steep Rock
      • Saving Land and Taxes
      • Still Fishing Over Fishing
      • A Little Surprise From “Modern Maturity”
      • The Forest Needs Constant Tending
      • Birds In Steep Rock
      • Wish List For Volunteers
      • Horse Trails and Riders
      • Wanted: Summer Interns
      • Trail Blazes
      • Operating Income and Expense Statement – Year Ending 8/31/1988

Download Vista Fall 1987 Newsletter Here (PDF)

    • President’s Letter
    • The Footbridge In Hidden Valley Is Replaced In Complex Operation
    • We’re Harvesting The Last Of The Red Pines
    • Working on the Parking
    • Gunnery, Montessori Students Help With Trail Maintenance
    • The Hemlock Wooly Adelgid Threatens Steep Rock Grove
    • Four Hard-Working Interns
    • Giving The Gift of Land
    • Trail Blazes
    • Operating Income and Expense Statement – Year Ending 8/31/1987