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Wildlife baby season: if you care, leave them there

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Wildlife baby season: if you care, leave them there “Hello Steep Rock? My cat brought a baby bunny into the house. It doesn’t look injured, but what should I do with it? I think it’s too young to be away from its mother.” Calls of concern similar to these are happening all across the state during the spring and summer months.  People out hiking or working in their yard may stumble upon young animals that may seem to be orphaned, […]

Bushwhacking 101 : Nature Preserve Monitoring

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Bushwhacking 101: Nature Preserve Monitoring Have you ever seen those yellow “Steep Rock Nature Preserve” property signs dotting the roads of Washington? Behind those signs is a collective 2,500 acres of pristine wilderness, scattered over 30 individual preserves. Some of that acreage is old growth hemlock forest while other parts are wetlands brimming with biodiversity and unique flora and fauna. To ensure that these areas remain unspoiled and permanently protected, we annually monitor and evaluate each preserve, observing for signs […]

New England cottontails need Land Conservation

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One of our Citizen Science volunteers decided to take her efforts one step further and found a unique way to support our conservation efforts. Kathy Coe, a longtime resident of Washington and SRA supporter, decided to use her creativity as a way to benefit our conservation mission.  Kathy created an adorable colony of felted New England cottontails to help raise awareness about the importance of land conservation for certain animals, like the New England cottontail. Part of our mission is […]

It Takes a Village

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It Takes a Village to Build a Garden and a Garden to Feed a Community Judea Garden is celebrating its 10th season of providing fresh, organic produce for its neighbors in need. Over the past nine season we have grown, harvested and delivered 33,000 pounds of food. None of this would have been possible without the help of hundreds of volunteers building, digging, weeding, driving, serving, writing, advising, donating and any number of tasks to keep Judea Garden going. Thank […]

Tax Bill, Land Conservation, and You

With each donation you give, you help ensure the lands you love are well cared for and maintained as wildlife habitats, hiking trails, and places to enjoy with family and friends. But our work, as well as the work of all nonprofit organizations, may be devastated by the federal tax reform bill. What’s important to know about the tax reform bill? Reduces the number of taxpayers who can itemize their charitable deductions, so that 95% of taxpayers would no longer […]

Preserve Experiences

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Nature provides us with the opportunity to rejuvenate and explore.  We asked visitors to share memorable experiences they have had in our preserves.  Please enjoy reading about these priceless moments, and be inspired to create your own. “Today was my first day hiking the trail to the lookout, a gorgeous day with old friends.” – LM “Hiking to the pinnacle in Hidden Valley this summer with my mom, my kids, nephews, niece, and sister and remember how we used to […]

Senior Community Outing

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Where might the senior community go when looking for a place to explore the outdoors with friends and neighbors? They go to Steep Rock Preserve, of course. On Tuesday, August 29th 2017, Steep Rock Association (SRA) held a Senior Community Outing. Almost 40 seniors attended the event from the towns of Washington, Bridgewater, Watertown, as well as a group of adults from Litchfield Hills Adult Day Care. Vans shuttled the attendees and SRA staff to the end of Tunnel Road […]

Donor Spotlight on…Eliot Johnson

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Eliot Johnson is a part-time farmer and the owner of West Mountain Builders. Eliot lives, farms, and does business on property that once housed his grandfather’s dairy farm –  which began in 1941.  A spirit of service endures via Eliot’s contribution to the volunteer Board of the Washington Art Association; he also previously served as a Trustee for the Steep Rock Association (SRA). Recently, we had a chance to hear from Eliot on why he supports the work of the […]

Spring 2017 Clean Up Day(s) at Judea Garden

Steep Rock Association achieves Land Trust Alliance Accreditation

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Hurrah! Hurrah! We are thrilled to announce that Steep Rock Association (SRA) has achieved national recognition through a rigorous accreditation process. We had to provide extensive documentation and undergo a comprehensive review as part of the accreditation application. The Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent project of the Land Trust Alliance (LTA) awarded our accreditation, signifying its confidence that SRA’s lands will be protected forever. “The LTA Accreditation process has helped Steep Rock Association enormously in focusing on the highest […]