Steep Rock Summit

Steep Rock (7)

The Steep Rock summit, at an elevation of 776 feet, provides a breathtaking view overlooking the Clam Shell section of the Shepaug River Valley. Gifted to the Board of Trustees in 1925 by Steep Rock’s founder, Ehrick Rossiter, these 100-acres is the core of the Preserve and the first land owned by Steep Rock Association. Four years later, the Trustees purchased the Clam Shell to preserve the view from the summit. This view contains the same sense of grandeur it did a century ago, and is well worth the hike to the top!Steep Rock

A thirty-five minute hike, featuring some of the steepest trails in the Preserve, culminates in the clouds with the river, forest and farmland stretching below. This section is flat as it follows the old railroad bed along the river, then narrows and climbs steeply through the woods to the summit with its stunning views (0.97 mile one-way).

Directions: Park at the parking lot at the end of River Road and follow the green circle trail (aka old railroad bed) to the white diamond trail. Then take yellow circle trail to the Steep Rock Summit.

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