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Here’s what some are saying about the Hiker’s Challenge:


  • I have a better appreciation for the vastness and beauty of these three areas. Wow. I thank God for the wisdom he imparted on those who preserved this spectacular land. I learned: the white diamond trails are a challenge to follow; the white square trail on the other side of the Steep Rock pinnacle is really isolated; a whole new perspective of each area. This is a great idea to have this Hiker’s Challenge. ~ Marty


  • Great way to learn the trails and be able to pick favorites for a more leisurely hike. ~ Gary


  • It gets better each time! ~ Clark


  • There are nooks and crannies in Steep Rock that offer peace, tranquility, and beauty . . . like nowhere I’ve found elsewhere. Steep Rock is a treasure-trove of nature’s gifts. ~ Doug


  • Wonderful trails, beautifully kept. We enjoyed views, wildflowers and laurel and a banner autumn for mushrooms. ~ Tillie


  • Hiking all the trails has been an amazing experience! I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to everyone involved in keeping these areas and trails open for all to enjoy. Thank you so much! ~ Katherine


  • The Hiker’s Challenge has profoundly deepened my reverence for nature. Exploring trails like the other side of the pinnacle and many less traveled areas, the river crossings and steep white diamonds will be an adventurous lifetime memory. I appreciate and thank God for the gift of insight of the original founders for preserving all of nature here for us to enjoy and the Association for maintaining. ~ Margit


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