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Scientific Study

Within our Strategic Plan 2020, a key stewardship priority is to manage our lands for biodiversity.  In order to accomplish this, Steep Rock Association (SRA) applies science-based knowledge of our land’s natural resources and wild inhabitants.  A broad spectrum of research has been performed on the preserves by state biologists, professional contractors, SRA staff, and trained citizen scientists.  The data acquired allows us to make informed decisions on all aspects of our mission from prioritizing preservation, planning recreational use, to enhancing habitat.  Below is a list of topics SRA has investigated along with acquired data and developed protocols where appropriate.

Soil Classification and Distribution

Native American Archaeology

Rare Plants and Critical Habitats

Eastern Hemlock Fitness, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Assessment, and Biological Control

Census of Butterflies and Dragonflies

SRA Butterfly Field Checklist

Macroinvertebrate and Fish Sampling

Water Quality and Temperature Monitoring

Census of Breeding and Wintering Birds

SRA Bird Field Checklist

Wintering Bald Eagle Surveys

DEEP Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey 2017 Results

Cavity Nesting Bird Monitoring

NestWatch 2017 Results

Marsh Bird Callback Surveys

Northern Goshawk Acoustic Broadcast Survey

SRA Northern Goshawk Broadcast Survey Protocol

Amphibian and Reptile Surveys

Vernal Pool Monitoring

Vernal Pool Survey Form

Acoustic Bat Monitoring

Acoustic Bat Monitoring Summer 2016 Report

New England Cottontail Pellet Sampling

Black Bear Population Density

Bobcat Tracking



Connecticut Wildlife Action Plan

Connecticut Invasive Plant List

Connecticut Natural Resource Maps and Geospatial Data