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As you round the corner beyond the info board and before you drop down to Bee Brook at our Macricostas Preserve you’ll notice a truly unique bench.

This bench is dedicated to John Millington who served Steep Rock as Chairman, President and Trustee for all of fifteen years.  John was very instrumental in acquiring the Macricostas Preserve and loved Steep Rock’s watercourses. The blue line in the white oak traces the length of the Shepaug River, including its junctions with the Bantam and Bee Brook, finally terminating at the Clamshell. The stones for the base were taken from Hidden Valley where they once formed part of the abutments for the Shepaug Valley Railroad.

This tribute to John was created by Clark Gifford and Peary Stafford (with some welcome technical help from Reese Owens) and represents the gratitude of the Steep Rock family and indeed the entire community for all we owe for John’s contributions over the years.

Even before joining SRA’s board, Millington had been involved in environmental policy. He was Vice President for Planning and Development at the Council on Foreign Relations, chaired Connecticut’s Council on Environmental Quality under Governor Lowell Weicker, and served on the board of the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters and the Connecticut Greenways Council. For close to a quarter century, he has kept a guiding hand on the course of SRA, as trustee (1993-96), president (1996-2001), chairman (2001-08), and honorary trustee (since 2008). His goal for the preserves is inspiring:

We realized that Steep Rock was the jewel in the crown and always has been for this town. It was always to be looked at with such great care and to be polished carefully, not to the degree that it shone, but to the degree that it was always lovely, a lovely place to sit and meditate or fish or canoe.