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The Thoreau Bridge, located at our Hidden Valley Preserve was designed by Gray Oranschi Architecture in New Haven and funded by The Gould Family Foundation, a grant form the State of Connecticut, and a number of individual donors.

The bridge design is a product of the collaborations with wetland soil and wildlife biologists, introduces innovative and sustainable construction techniques for sensitive ecological areas.

The Thoreau footbridge is a cable stayed, mass timber suspension bridge spanning 134′ across the Shepaug River.  The bridge deck rises to clear the 500 year flood level and then sweeps 90 degrees as it gently ramps down to the north side of the river.

Quotes from Thoreau’s seminal writings, inscribed by water jet into a bench at the cliff base and along the bridge’s steel handrails, offer moments for reflection

Just a short walk from the main parking lot at the Hidden Valley Preserve.