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Thank you, Trail Monitors, for being Steep Rock Association’s eyes on the ground!

Please walk your trail at least once a month and send a monthly report using the Google form below.  In addition, please walk your trail after storms to report any damage.

Find your assigned trail using these Maps with Assigned Trails 

Now that you know your trail, take a quick look at this Presentation to refresh your skills and duties.  You may want to carry gloves and a bag to pick up any trash you find.  If it is a large amount or a constant problem, please report it on your form.
For those of you who like pencil and paper, here is a Trail Monitoring Field Sheet that you can use when you are in the field.  You will need to transfer all information to the Trail Monitor Report Form.
Use the location numbers on these maps below (click on map name)  to help pinpoint any observations or issues.
Hidden Valley Preserve Reference Map
Macricostas Preserve Reference Map
Steep Rock Preserve Reference Map
Visit  or to help you identify non-native invasives.
Okay, you’re ready to report!  Here’s the form you need for that.  You can even use your phone for this. Trail Monitor Report Form

Safety is always important when you are out on the trails.  We suggest that you take a buddy with you or tell someone where you will be.  Bears have been seen in the Preserves so make yourself aware of what to do should you encounter one by visiting the CT DEEP site.  And, of course, should you ever feel uncomfortable going out on your trail, please let us know.

Now that your eyes are trained and attuned to finding possible issues, you might see something on another trail that you’d like to report.  Please use the Trail Conditions Reporting Form for those instances.
Thank you for volunteering for Steep Rock Association.  Contact me with any questions or comments concerning the Trail Monitoring Program by calling the office (860 868-9131) or emailing me using link below.

Denise Arturi

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