Who Got the Seniors Out?

Who Got the Seniors Out?

We did, with a great deal of help from our friends at Connecticut Community Foundation (CCF)! Steep Rock Association (SRA) excitedly hosted three programs specifically targeting multigenerational families and senior citizens this year with support from CCF’s Pathways for Older Adults program.

Grandparents and grandchildren came down to Mitchell’s Hole in Steep Rock Preserve for a fun and educating summer afternoon of recreating in the Shepaug River. Swimming, snorkeling, riding stand up paddleboards (SUPs), flipping rocks, netting critters, sketching, and relaxing under a pop up tent made for a fulfilling family outing.

After a successful pilot year in 2017, SRA’s Seniors in Steep Rock program was greeted with more smiling faces and hungry bellies this time around; not to mention being offered twice in one year. Two separate events focusing on historically significant features were held in late summer/early fall, one at Steep Rock Preserve and the other at Macricostas Preserve. In Steep Rock, participants hiked to the Holiday House to explore its ruins, inference its layout while studying old photographs, and shared in stories told out loud. The group descended the knoll from which it sits to picnic along Tunnel Road and connect with peers.


SRA trustee and local historian Steve Solley led the second Senior Outing at Macricostas Preserve, discussing the interesting history of the land and its inhabitation. From geology to Revolutionary War routes to famous Washingtonian families, participants got the full background of Macricostas Preserve wrapped in a nicely tied together package. The group explored the Camp House positioned adjacent to the parking lot and Judea Garden, creaking over its wood floors and moving about rooms still traditionally furnished. They even got to examine contents of an archaeological study done on site containing Native American and colonial artifacts. Again as promised, a picnic concluded the event, serving as a time to reflect, ask further questions, and make connections with others.

SRA would like to graciously acknowledge CCF for their support in helping us connect with these target audiences and addressing a lack of outdoor opportunities available to them. We’re thrilled they were so well received, and as a result, more families and seniors will be out and about creating memories and indulging in the uniqueness of our land.

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